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Question about TRADECLONE+?


    Built for the ELITE Trader


    TRADECLONE+ is the proprietary inhouse high-speed trading network of systems and nodes developed exclusively by 3XFX for indices trading in today’s highly competitive markets.

    Built to work seamlessly with our risk management and capital control teams, TRADECLONE+ consists of both a powerful front-end system which executes the trades and a back-end system which works with our AI machine learning programs to consistently improve its trading strategies, execution and performance.



    Maximum Performance
    90 CPU Cores & 160 Threads

    3xfx’s TRADECLONE+ is powered by highly advanced computational power with the Falcon Trading System’s Custom F1 Tradermax - our strongest trading system.

    This in-house proprietary workstation is packed with horsepower, courtesy of four Intel x-series server-grade processors, offering a total of 90 CPU cores and 160 CPU threads with a performance of up to 5.2 tera-flops).

    The Custom F1 Tradermax also comes with up to 5 tb ddr4 error correcting code random access memory (ecc ram) to ensure data integrity, allowing TRADECLONE+ to quickly analyze data from all its api feeds and performing extensive back testing, simulations and forward testing across multiple exchanges simultaneously.


    AI Technology

    High Memory Deep Learning

    3XFX developers work with the NVIDIA DGX-1 as their essential tool for AI research and development.

    The DGX-1 packs the deep learning power of over 800 CPUs, delivering one petaflop of AI performance in a single node. DGX-1 is built on eight NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, configured in a hybrid cube-mesh NVIDIA NVLink topology, and architected for proven multi-GPU and multi-node scale. It also uses the same NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) Deep Learning Software Stack that powers all DGX Systems, enabling effortless workflow from desk to data center, providing the cutting edge needed for the 3XFX platform to continue to pull away from its competitors.