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Unleashing Our Clients’ Potential

Stocks, Forex, Indices


Below we compare the 3 trading vehicles and why we choose indices over stock and forex market.


8 Hours Market, 5 Days A Week

Lower Liquidity

Longer Term Positions

Harder Technical Analysis

Sensitive To News


24 Hours Market, 5 Days A Week

Higher Liquidity

Shorter Term Positions

Simpler Technical Analysis

Sensitive to Interest Rates

Low Entry Capital


Stocks + Forex + Crypto

24 Hours Market, 5 Days A Week


High Success Rate

Higher Liquidity

Shorter Term Positions

Simpler Technical Analysis

Low Entry Capital

Distinct Advantages

  • Transacted safely with Crypto (USDT)
  • Ability to go long or go short
  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • High liquidity in forex
  • Daily trading volume is 480 times that of the New York Stock Exchange
  • Wide range of currency pairs
  • Renowned MetaTrader4 tools

Curated Indices

Indices are a collection of stocks and instruments used to track the growth or trajectory of an industry or sector. These whole-sector tools allow us to trade by combining a group of assets in the markets. Curated Indices traded by 3XFX are unique products managed by a team of expert traders that customize favorable stocks, currencies and crypto into a basket of products for the teams to trade.

3XFX Group Client Profits Flowchart


The global foreign exchange fund pool is as high as 6 trillion US dollars. It is not only retail investors who participate in foreign exchange transactions. In fact, retail accounts only account for a small part. The vast majority of participants in the foreign exchange market are banks, governments, and state agencies.

The funds traded by foreign exchange traders flow into primary banks and flow providers through various trading platforms to wait for matching, and then flow into the global foreign exchange trading capital pool together, forming a huge global foreign exchange market.