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With over 10 years of experiences, our experienced and professional team provide products and services specifically designed to empower your investment to have the best profit possible.

Company Background

3XFX Forex Trading is an internationally recognised financial institution, founded by market experts with extensive knowledge of the global forex and capital markets.

Widely acknowledged for its corporate business transparency and respected for its commitment to business ethics, 3XFX Forex Trading owns and operates one of the most powerful brands available today: 3XFX.com, which offers online trading services, and 3X Partners, the affiliate program for introducing brokers.

Formation of 3XFX Forex Trading was a product of the immense surge in demand for investment following the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2008. Capitalizing on 3XFX Forex Trading extensive global network within the investment and its related industries, 3XFX Forex Trading is able to offer clients exclusive access to the highly lucrative forex investment markets.

3XFX Forex Trading has a large knowledge base of the forex market and structure. This helps me to make good investment profit through the help of a professional and dedicated team.

Paul Mike, Private Investor


At 3XFX Forex Trading, we believe our culture matters greatly. Assembling and retaining a group of outstanding investment advisory and traders are central to our culture and creating successful outcomes for our clients – we are diligent in hiring outstanding professionals who believe in and reflect 3XFX’s core principles.

Our core principles are summed up in four attributes:

Forex Trading is intellectually stimulating and rewarding. It is also highly competitive. To succeed, each individual and the company as a whole needs to have an intense commitment to excellence and the company's culture.

3XFX Forex Trading has a professional and dedicated team with total of over 10 years of experiences.

Regulated Broker

3xFx Limited fully complies with the regulatory rules and provisions applied by Financial Services Authority St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG FSA).

SVGFSA’s role is clearly defined by Financial Services Authority Act, No.33 of 2011. The business of The Authority is under the direction of a board of directors. The mandate of the FSA derives from its legal objects and purpose. Clearly defined in the Financial Services Authority Act, No. 33 of 2011, the FSA is empowered “to regulate, supervise and develop the non-bank financial services sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

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