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About Us

Unleashing Our Clients’ Potential

About 3XFX Group

3XFX Group is a financial services company that combines the best elements of modern-day finance to form a secure, rewarding and unprecedented platform for retail and institutional clients to grow their wealth.

Providing returns from crypto-lending, managed trading of high growth indices and provision of brokerage services - 3XFX Group allows clients from over the globe to increase their capital through the expertise from our specialist trading teams.

Headquartered in Kazakhstan, our resource division is a top energy solution provider, trading metals, energy and providing shipping solutions. Our resource division responds to the call for sustainable mining, cleaner solutions and affordable energy access.

Licensed in Kazakhstan, our finance division focuses on combining the best of online and offline wealth management through a curated & diversified portfolio of lending, trading and brokerage services.

The finance division provides an unprecedented platform for retail investors to tap into the secondary lending and direct trader books for wealth generation.

Our technology powerhouse is the backbone supporting the business of entire conglomerate.

Built as a unique process flow management system, we collect and processes big data of assets, logistics & finance in its patented technological cloud.

Corporate Overview

Take a look at our various division and their business involvement.


Mining of Coal, Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium & Uranium


Production Supplier for Electric Batteries


Trading of Resources to Saudi Arabia, China & the United States


Direct Investment into Electric Vehicle production & Battery production entities


Trading of Energy Vehicle Indices & Global Financial Products


Receive financial license from Kazakhstan


Provide lending & financing to firms, physical commodity trader


Launch & include cryptocurrency trading & lending


Kickstart retail pool of funds trading management platform


Combine big data from resources trading, lending and logistics


Develop direct cloud access DEFI platform for trade financing


Financial Division of 3XFX Group

A Deep Commitment to Produce Results

Corporate Management

Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker founded 3XFX group with a diversified team across the resource, technology and finance sectors. Expanding across the globe from a base in Kazakhstan and successfully penetrating the China markets, Mr Parker has his sights set on the Indian and Europe regions in the next 5 years.

Ed Norman

Ed Norman, a fintech specialist, has the vision of combining the needs of traders with the precision of algorithms and blockchain for the future of finance. Managing millions in digital and fiat trade flows everyday, Mr Norman is instrumental to leading 3XFX to its huge success on the global stage .